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That's me! Hey there! I'm Megan, and welcome to Seeking Somewhere. I'm here to share my stories about my travels & adventures, at home and abroad, and to inspire others to do the same. I love hearing from and talking to like-minded badasses even more, so don't be shy!

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Traveling & Anxiety: How to Cope

Posted on in Blog Posts, General Tips, Inspiration & Confessions, Travel Tips | 6 comments

I’ve been thinking about traveling with anxiety a lot lately. As someone blessed (ha) with anxiety, it’s really not terribly surprising that I’ve been overthinking this for so long. It’s...

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More Than Just Travel Tips, & Finding Your “Why”

Posted on in Blog Posts, Inspiration & Confessions | 4 comments

The Blogosphere is already full of useful travel advice. Top 32 Things to Do in Middle America, How to Not Pack Everything You Own, Best Places to Eat Kale in Istanbul, Why My Trip to Iceland...

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How to Fly in India Without Going Crazy (Kidding, You’ll Totally Lose Your Mind)

Posted on in Blog Posts, Destinations, India | 1 comment

Disclaimer: Someone will inevitably make a snarky remark along the lines of...

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Backpacking Colorado’s Wonderfully Wild Rawah Wilderness

Posted on in Blog Posts, Colorado, Destinations, Keep Moving, Outdoor Adventure | 0 comments

Get Down with Nature in the Rawah Before the summer of 2014 I’d never been on...

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Screw Travel Blogging: How I Afford to Travel, No “Real” Job Required

Posted on in Blog Posts, Freelancing, Inspiration & Confessions | 2 comments

I’ve dropped a few hints about how it is I make my money, but I’ve never...

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U.S. Trips I Want to Take Now: Top Grand Canyon Adventure Activities

Posted on in Blog Posts, Destinations, Inspiration & Confessions | 0 comments

In my most recent post, I mentioned that I’ve been thinking about some...

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Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

Posted on in Blog Posts, Inspiration & Confessions | 2 comments

By now, my blogging sabbaticals are all but expected. Any lingering readers...

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